Aline Heiser has been an accomplished freelance illustrator since 1997, with much of her work focused in the area of educational materials. She has illustrated material in a wide range of themes and age groups, from preschool to young adult stories and studies which have included parent and teacher activities. She has been published in science textbooks; activity, craft and cooking books; and religious education packages.

She has worked with the International Bible Society, Rainbow Publishers, Christian Educational Warehouse, Purposeful Design Publications, and Cook Communications Ministries. Her interests coincide with her own young and middle school age children.

Through her artwork, Aline endeavors to work with authors to help children get along with other people, creatures and what she deems an ever-fragile environment. She wants to help young and middle school aged readers find their way in a shrinking multi-cultural world, while at the same time grounding both secular and faith-based art in current research and known text.

For more info please visit Aline's web page.