Connect2Truth Books is committed to delivering the Truth to all those who are willing to hear it.  Connect2Truth Books has introduced a new series of apologetic books designed to teach both you and your children foundational Truths, as distinguishing truth from error is just as vital today as it's ever been.

In this age of increasing skepticism in matters of faith, it’s necessary that all Christians be able to give an answer for why they believe as they do.

However, time is a precious commodity, and being able to spend hours in search of answers to those questions is nearly impossible. That’s where the website,, comes in.

Stocked with both information on their new series of books and short video presentations on all the foundational doctrines that encompass the Christian faith, Connect2Truth is an invaluable resource for Christian apologetics and those who seek answers to the tough questions that arise.

Connect2Truth Books hopes to help you and your children not only find the answers to the questions that arise, but to deepen your own understanding, trust and faith in the God of Creation and His Son who died to set us free.