What do you do when your middle-school-aged child comes home and asks questions about worldviews being taught in school that are in direct opposition to the Christian values and beliefs you’re trying to instill within them? How do you counter the humanistic teachings and morals that have made their way into our public school environment?

Author David Millette introduces an apologetics series of books aimed at helping Christian parents overcome this obstacle. Geared toward middle school and young teens, these books offer both students and parents concise answers to the questions kids bring home. The first in the series, Ben’s Big Bang Botheration, addresses the issue of Creation and the Big Bang theory.

Ben is an excellent student and has always studied hard. Science class has always been his favorite class...until lately.

Ben’s teacher insists that everything came from nothing and that the universe just is. Nothing created it. Nothing caused it to come into existence. Ben is disturbed that everything his mom and dad have taught him may have been wrong and that God may not even be real.

Ben realizes, in his search for logical answers, that it’s okay to bring his questions and doubts to God and to his parents. And in the questioning and learning, Ben begins to see why God truly is the most logical explanation for the existence of our universe.