Welcome to the Today in Science Class website, the home of the book series designed to help Christian parents counter the theories that their teens are being exposed to in classrooms today, theories that are contradictory to a God created universe.

Parents need to reestablish their role as the primary educator and explain to their children why the theories they are being taught in the classroom are not correct.

The Today in Science Class series of books are intended to be tools for parents to use in their quest to arm their middle school age teens with the Truth. They are designed to educate both the teen and parent in some basic apologetics and to allow them the opportunity to have meaningful conversations about the things of God.

The first half of each book is written in story form, engaging the student reader in situations they are able to relate. The second half of each book is written for the adult reader, and is purely content which will help them not only to understand the concepts presented in the books, but will help them relay that knowledge to their children, as well.

Belief starts with the first five words of the Bible: “In the beginning God created…” These five words lay the foundation for a secure faith. If a child truly believes these words, then nothing else in the Bible can ever really become a barrier to their belief. These five words will be the focus of the Today in Science Class series.

It is the author’s hope and prayer that, through these books, children and their parents will be informed and prepared when worldviews collide with their Christian beliefs.